PMR Radio is a Service introduced in 1999 that allows us to
enjoy a free radio service using small compact handheld
radio's. It is available to small businesses and private users
alike on a set of harmonised european channels.
Unlike 4w CB power these handhelds are restricted to 500mw (1/2 W)
ERP With a fixed aerial and cannot be used in conjunction
with a Base aerial. It is intended for short range only. No licence is required.

The 8 Frequencys are;

MHz          446.01875MHz        446.03125MHz          446.04375MHz

446.05625MHz          446.06875MHz          446.08125MHz         446.09375MHz

When these frequencies are used in combination with a number of CTCSS or
DCS tone codes, they can provide many channel combinations. Basically there are 38 sub
channels on each of the 8 frequencies making a total of 304 channels.

Distance wise they can go from a few hundred yards  in heavily built up areas to around 10
miles depending on the radio/terrain and  in favorable conditions ie, high up with no obstructions.
The Best Long Range known record is 535.8Km (333m) From Blyth (UK) to Almere (NL)