On the 27th June 2014 changes were made to the UK CB licence conditions to allow AM and
SSB frequencies to be legally used in the UK. This only applies to modern approved sets and
the use of the old type radios, ie. Cobra 148 GTL DX, Ham International Jumbo (and so on) will
not be covered and will remain illegal. Below I will show some of the legal radios with SSB that
we can use in the UK.
A new multimode (AM/FM/SSB) multistandard radio for
use in all EU countries. Simply select your country and
the radio will automatically operate on the legal bands
for your country.

In the UK the radio will operate on all 80 legal FM
channels, and will also operate on the new SSB

The radio works on AM, FM, USB and LSB in countries
where all these modes are permitted.

A fully featured compact multimode radio with the usual
President quality.

The radio is expandable for use outside the EU.
The new top-of-range mobile from President is a
multi-standard radio designed for use in all EU
countries, it is the first of this type of radio that also
has SSB on it for countries that permit SSB use.

When used in the UK it is a fully featured 80
channel CB, operating on FM only, on both the UK
40 channels and the EU 40 channels. Output
power is variable up to a maximum of 4W.

When used outside the UK it is a capable of up to
400 channels and operates on AM, FM, USB and