CB Radio Repairers in the UK
CB Radio History from its early days
On the larger Cybernet Radios such as the Harrier CBX, Rotel RVC 240, Fidelity 2000 etc. quite a few 'Rig Doctors' fit the 'Mid' block
onto the Channel 9 priority switch. If you want to fit it elsewhere and reinstate the Channel 9 priority (especially if you want to make it a
Channel 19 priority) then this page is for you.......
I tend to remove the front panel then take out the switch to be used so as to
have plenty of room to solder on the required wires while making a tidy job of the
soldering. It also avoids you accidentally melting close by wires or the front
fascia accidentally. The original wire colours are shown opposit and the position
they take on the switch.

Orange/White - This goes to the channel selector board (see diagram 2)

Black - Post G3 or an appropriate earth point.

White/Yellow - This also goes to the channel selector board (see diagram 2)

Brown - This goes to the hole marked 53 which is just behind the channel
selector (see diagram 3)

White - This goes to post 37 (Diagram 4)

Grey - This goes to the hole marked PO also just behind the channel selector
(see diagram 3)
As you can see from diagram 3 you can actually solder the Brown and Grey wires to the track side of the board rather than from the
component side. The choice is yours as it doesn't matter either way.

diagram 2 the channel selector board has a piggy backed mid block wires going to it and a Channel 19 priority set up of 4 diodes
which is spoken about on a different page should you wish to change your Channel 9 priority switch to a Channel 19 priority switch.
Likewise on
diagram 3, if you move the brown wire along one place on the PLL track it will convert it to 19.
Now that you are happy that your channel 9 priority switch is working well
you may wish to consider changing it to a channel 19 switch. It, in my
opinion, is much better to have than a channel 9 switch. You can be
chatting on a channel and want to just flick back to the breaking channel to
check if someone is there and flick back again? Well the Channel 19
Priority above, if clicked on, will take you to a page on this site explaining it
simply how to do it.