Something new for 2018, I have written a crossword puzzle completely about CB radio. I'm not sure if this will be popular or not so if
you think it's a good idea just drop us a quick email to mag2781@yahoo.com. If it is popular I will make more up and post them on this
page. If you are in to your CB radios these won't be difficult and remember, Google is your friend. These will be on word documents so
you can download and print them off should you wish to do them old school with a pen. Good luck and enjoy........
Just for interest who remembers the 'BREAKER' Magazine which lasted for 2 years, 24 editions. There
was a cartoon strip called
'TWONG' who was our godly CB hero. I used to enjoy reading his exploits which
were penned by the very talented artist
John Richardson who also penned many other cartoon strips for
various magazines.
Here are two of them to remind you of the glory days when CB was catered for by many medias.... enjoy. (Click on for full size strip)
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